The salmon which come to our plant are certified and guaranteed by the brand "Friend of the Sea" coming from “sustainable” fishing, in full respect of the environment and the species itself without over-exploitations of resources. Respect for the environment thanks to the troll caught fishing that avoids the harmful impact of trawl nets scraping the sea bed with consequent destruction of the echo-system. To operate in full compliance of the species, it means strictly follow to the quotas limit of fishing established every year by the Alaskan and Canadian governments and thereby prevent the overfishing of the same species and those species that depend on it. An indiscriminate and not respectful of sustainability protocols fishing would lead quickly to an impoverishment of all marine resources, exposing many species to the risk of extinction. That's why choose to buy fish from sustainable fishing is to choose to invest both in their own future and in the environment.

Sustainability is certainly the key word for the future: it is the only way to ensure a future for the generations of today and those that will come. Sustainable seafood is part of this philosophy. The sustenance of more than three billion people depends on resources generated from the sea and coastal areas. The oceans provide the greatest amount of protein in the world, and for over two and a half billion people are the main source of sustenance. Directly or indirectly, the fishing industry employs about 200 million people. The oceans waters, as well as collecting 97% of all the water available on the planet, they absorb 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans. Having respect for the planet's resources is the only way to be able to continue to dispose of them. "Friend of the Sea" works daily to ensure that sustainability becomes a reality, involving more and more operators in the project. "Friend of the Sea" checks that the companies members of the fishing industry  engage themselves in selective fishing techniques certification program and reduce the impact of their work on the ecosystem. In addition, the certification guarantees high quality standards in terms of energy efficiency and waste management.


COAM more and more to environmental sustainability.
The commitment of COAM continues toward the environmental sustainability. From the choice of treating raw materials coming only from sustainable fisheries sectors, with methods that respect both the species and the environment, taking into consideration life cycles and growth of the fish as well as the marine flora to avoid negative impacts on the ecosystem, to the cutting back on the use of plastic and paper materials for the packaging. In this view is now based the business choice of full sustainability of the production cycle thanks to the completion of a plant for the production of electrical energy from a renewable source (photovoltaic) able to make fully autonomous the energy production for the processing units and to eliminate most of the emissions into the atmosphere. The sustainable choice of COAM is an important investment at a decline in consumption time, but it is a choice that wants to invest in the future of the environment and especially of the younger generation as well as to become a promotion vector for an informed consumption.

The Valtellinese art and craftsmanship  in the processing of Porcini Mushrooms has become a brand in 2013: the "Porcino of Valtellinese Tradition", it is in fact in this land that is born the wisdom of porcini mushrooms conservation . Following the best tradition, today canning Valtellinesi teachers select the most beautiful, healthy and fragrant mushrooms to transform them according to the old Valtellinese recipe which provides a strictly by hand processing: after an initial phase of scalding in water, vinegar and spices, the mushrooms are packaged in glass with only the addition, in our case, of extra virgin olive oil. A packaging that women from Valtellina still perform by hand, choosing the best mushrooms and putting them in pots one by one. For this reason the Porcino mushroom from Valtellina got its own brand, in order to obtain the  proper value for a kind of craftsmanship that now has been almost entirely replaced by industrial production. With half a century of tradition in the porcini mushroom processing with the brand “Le Conserve di Morbegno" COAM received the honor of this prestigious award.